Microwave and Boundary Layer Physics (MBLP) related Database Metadata

Sl. No Name of Equipment Type of Equipment/Facility Availability (Time Period) Level
1 Doppler Sodar

Instrument for atmospheric boundary alyer studies

January 2008 Onwards* Raw/Processed
2 Sonic Anemometer

Instrument for atmospheric surface boundary layer studies

November 2008 onwards (3m)* and January 2017 onwards at 2 levels (11.3 m and 22.6 m)* Raw/Processed
3 Slow response sensors

Sensors used for observing background meteorology

January 2017 onwards (5 levels 2m,4m,8m,16m and 32m)* Raw/Processed
4 Disdrometer

Ground based instrument for precipitation studies

June 2006 onwards* Raw/Processed
5 Micro rain radar (MRR)

Instrument for precipitation studies

June 2005 to Dec 2012 * & July 2013 onwards* Raw/Processed
6 Ballone borne GPS Sonde

Profiling of the meteorlogical parameters

During campaigns Raw/Processed
7 Lightning Detector

Lightning Detector using electric field meter

September 2015 onwards * Raw/Processed
8 Hyperspectral Microwave Radiometer Profiler (Ground based)

Measurements of Tb, RH, T, PWV (cm), Cloud Liquid Water (mm), Surface to 10 km at every 3 min interval, daily

April 2010 - April 2017* Raw/Processed

  *1 - All the instruments are located at Thumba (8.5 N, 77 E), Thiruvananthapuram, India

*2 - No Data: During power failures and system problems

Contact Point: Dr. K. Rajeev (k_rajeev[at]vssc[dot]gov[dot]in)


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