SOUREX Phase 1

Scientific objectives of the mission include measuring the ionospheric density and neutral winds in the E-Region of the ionosphere using two independent techniques, cross validating the measurements of wind by these techniques, investigating the modulations in the neutral wind along with electron density at dynamo heights and their implications in providing a trigger for the generation of equatorial Plasma Bubble and assessing the role of wind shears in generation of the E-region irregularities like Sporadic E, Blanketing Es etc.

Accordingly, the major scientific payloads were the following:

  • ENWi (Electron and neutral Wind probe) to measure neutral wind prevailing in E region (90 to 120 km)
  • TMA chemical release technique to cross validate the ENWi data
  • Langmuir probe to measure electron density

The SOUREX mission phase 1 RH300 rocket, was launched on April 6, 2018 at 19:30