Climate Dynamics


Large-scale atmospheric dynamics play an important role in redistribution of energy, momentum and trace constituents in the atmosphere.  The established precipitation patterns and climate variables are very much associated with the large-scale dynamics. In this regard, the branch focuses on the large-scale circulations with special emphasis on Hadley, Walker and Brewer-Dobson Circulations. The long-term changes in Hadley Circulation boundaries and their consequences have been investigated using re-analysis and space based observations. The walker Circulations and their role in redistribution of chemical constituents are also actively pursued in the branch. Apart from these large-scale circulations, the long-term climatology of winds, temperature, ozone and water vapour including their trends in the lower and middle atmosphere have been carried out. The following are the main focusing areas of this activity,

  1. Long-term Changes in Hadley Cell Dynamics  and their Consequences
  2. Walker Circulation and its Role in Redistributing the Chemical Constituents in the Atmosphere
  3. Climatology and Long-term Trends in Winds, Temperature, Ozone and Water Vapour
  4. Dynamical Features of Indian Summer Monsoon
  5. El-Nino Southern Oscillation Induced Modulations in the Lower  and Middle Atmospheric processes