The Atmospheric Dynamics Branch is carrying out the front line research on various atmospheric processes responsible for altering the motion of the Earth’s atmosphere, right from the ground to mesosphere-lower thermosphere. With this broad objective, the research activities are aimed at quantifying the atmospheric motion spectra from gravity waves (few minutes) to solar cycle (11 years) using ground and space based observations and to quantify the various aspects of atmospheric waves such as source mechanism, propagation characteristics, role in atmosphere coupling, short and long-term variability and their representation or parameterization in global models. Apart from the studies on waves and oscillations, the branch focuses on the tropical tropopause dynamics and associated stratosphere-troposphere exchange processes making use of simultaneous measurement of wind, temperature, ozone and water vapour. As a part of SPL’s Polar research program, the branch has initiated experimental campaigns at Bharati station in Antarctica, focusing on high latitude–low latitude coupling processes.  Recently, the horizon is expanded by initiating the studies under the realms of cloud and climate dynamics, which is getting strengthened year after year.