Dr. R. Satheesh Thampi

Division Head, Planetary Science Branch (PSB)

Ph.: +91-471-2562158

E-mail: satheesh_thampi [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Dr. Vipin Kumar Yadav

Ph.: +91-471-2562159

E-mail: vipin_ky [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Dr. Smitha V. Thampi

Ph.: +91-471-2562119

E-mail: smitha_vt [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Dr. M B Dhanya

Ph.: +91-471-2562553

E-mail: mb_dhanya [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Dr. Venkataraman V.

Ph.: +91-471-2562104

E-mail: v_venkataraman [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Mr. Abhishek J. K.

Ph.: +91-471-2562104

E-mail: abhishek_jk [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Mr. Chemukula Mathin Yadav

Ph.: +91-471-2563663

E-mail: mathin_chemukula [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Dr. Ankush Bhaskar

Ph.: +91-471-2563122

E-mail: ankush_bhaskar [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in



Dr. Govind G. Nampoothiri

Ph.: +91-471-2562104

E-mail: govind_g [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in

Dr. R Rubia

Ph.: +91-471-2562154

E-mail: r_rubia [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in


Ms. Priya Pahwa

Ph.: +91-471-2562155

E-mail: priya_pahwa [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in


Mr. Shibotosh Biswas

Ph.: +91-471-2563663

E-mail: biswas_shibotosh [at] vssc [dot] gov [dot] in