The NAM branch focuses on various scientific aspects dealing with the numerical atmosphere models. The research and development activities pertaining to this branch are centred around the “Prediction and Analysis of the Weather and Climate System”.

Some of the major ongoing research activities within this branch are:

1. Assimilation of space-borne and ground-based measurements in numerical weather prediction models;

2. Development and refinement of different parametrization schemes of physical and atmospheric processes

3. Short-range weather predictions in support of the PSLV and GSLV missions

4. Regional climate simulations for investigation of Indian summer monsoon and related studies

5. Dynamics and thermodynamics of ABL and troposphere: Inference of observations and model simulations

6. Estimation of terrestrial CO2 emissions through in-situ and space-borne platforms

7. Utilisation of atmospheric transport models for investigation of CO2 emissions and transport

The above activities are being addressed by making use of different numerical atmospheric models as the primary tools. Presently, the following NWP models are being used for research and development work:

1. COSMO (COnsortium for Small-scale MOdelling)

2. HRM (High-resolution Regional Model)

3. WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) Model

4. ARPS (Advanced Regional Prediction System)

5. PALM (Parallelized Large Eddy Simulation Model)

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