Objectives/Vision of the ATRF Branch


  • Development of a primary aerosol database over the Indian subcontinent and adjoining oceans by establishing and operating a network of aerosol observatories and conducting thematic field campaigns   
  • Estimation of regional aerosol radiative forcing using ARFINET database   
  • Assimilation of ARFINET database with regional climate models for the assessment of potential climate impacts   
  • Quantification of the climate implications of the elevated atmospheric warming by absorbing aerosols   
  • Implications of a long-term trend in aerosol loading on regional climate over the Indian region   
  • Assessment of the effect of absorbing aerosols through aerosol-cryosphere-atmosphere interactions   
  • Investigations on Aerosol-Cloud interaction and indirect radiative forcing of aerosols   
  • To understand the processes of new particle formation in different environments   
  • Development of satellite payloads for accurate estimation of aerosol properties from space





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