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Space Physics Laboratory
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
Indian Space Research Organization
Dept. of Space, Govt. of India
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Kerala, India.
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Public Outreach

SPL plays an important role in bringing scientific awareness, in dissemination of expert knowledge to students, faculties and public at large. These are archived through various programs that include, but not limited to:

  • Invited Lectures at colleges and schools.
  • World Space Week celebration program of VSSC, ISRO.
  • Lectures at CSIR Program for Youth Leadership in Science (CPYLS).
  • Participation and lectures at National Science Day Celebrations, Organized by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).
  • Lectures at programs organized by Swadeshi Science Movement.


Human Resource Development

SPL Faculty is highly sought out from various parts of India to give lectures and invited talks at national and international schools and workshops, seminars and symposia.

SPL fulfills its commitment to society by imparting training to the young students in the following manner:

  • B. Tech and M. Sc. Projects, and M. Tech. and M. Phil Dissertation Supervision. The students come from different universities and colleges from all over India. So far more than 200 M. Sc. Project students and more than 20 M. Tech students have received supervision from SPL Scientists, in the last few years
  • Lectures to University/College teachers as a part of the UGC-Refresher course in Physics at Academic Staff College, Univ. of Kerala.
  • Faculty of SPL teaches at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST). Practical hands-on training to IIST students is also given at SPL experimental facilities.
  • Giving introductory lectures on Space Sciences to fresh recruits of ISRO under the ISRO Induction Training (IITP) Program.



Staff / Faculty

1 Krishnamoorthy K Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘H’ Director
2 Abinaw Alok Mr. Junior Research Fellow  
3 Ajeesh Kumar PS Mr. Technical Assistant  
4 Anil Bhardwaj Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SG’ Head, PSB
5 Ambili K M Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
6 Anurose T J Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
7 Anumod P G Mr. Technical Assistant  
8 Anish Kumar M Nair Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
9 Arun Kumar V H Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
10 Aryasree S Ms. Junior Research Fellow  
11 Asha Babu Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
12 Asoka Kumar G S Mr. Sr. Draughtsman ‘B’  
13 D. Bala Subrahamanyam Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
14 Dinakar Prasad Vajja Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
15 Dhanya M B Ms. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
16 Geetha C Ms. Personal Assistant  
17 Geetha Ramkumar Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SF’ Dy. Head, ADB
18 Girach Imran Asatar Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
19 Gogulapati Supriya Ms. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
20 Johnson A J Mr. Junior Engineer  
21 Jai Prakash Chaubey Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
22 Kandula V Subramanyam Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
23 Kiran Kumar N V P Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
24 Kishore Kumar K Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
25 Lali P T Ms. Sr. Technical Assitant ‘A’  
26 Liji Mary David Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
27 Lijo Jose Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
28 Madhav Haridas Mr. Junior Research Fellow  
29 Manju G Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
30 Manoj M R Mr. Junior Research Fellow  
31 Meenu S Dr. Research Associate  
32 Mukunda M Gogoi Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
33 Mohankumar S V Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SG’ Head, ATD
34 Manikantan Nair N Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
35 Manoj Kumar Mishra Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
36 Md. Mosarraf Hossain Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
37 Mohammed Nazeer M Mr. Sr. Technical Assitant ‘A’  
38 Mridula N Ms. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
39 Neha Naik Ms. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
40 Neethu Purushothaman Ms. Junior Research Fellow  
41 Prabha R Nair Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SG’ Head, AACCR
42 Pradeepkumar P Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
43 Pramod P P Mr. Sr. Technical Assitant ‘A’  
44 Prashant Hegde Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
45 Prijith S S Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
46 Rajeev K Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SG’ Head, BLPAM
47 Rajkumar Choudhary Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
48 Renju R Ms. Junior Research Fellow  
49 Rosmy John Ms. Sr. Technical Assitant ‘A’  
50 Salini M S Ms. Junior Personal Assistant  
51 Satheesh Kumar B Mr. Technical Assistant  
52 Satheesh Thampi R Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
53 Santhosh K R Pandey Mr. Technical Assistant  
54 Santosh Muralidharan Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
55 Sandya K Nair Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
56 Siddarth Shankar Das Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
57 Sijikumar S Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
58 Sisira R Ms. Assistant  
59 Sonal Kumar Jain Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
60 Shajahan M Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
61 Sherine Rachel John Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
62 Soban Kumar Kompalli Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SC’  
63 Susarla Raghuram Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
64 Sumod S G Mr. Senior Research Fellow  
65 Sunil Kumar SV Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
66 Suresh Babu S Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
67 Sreelatha P Ms. Sci./Engr. ‘SF’  
68 Suresh Raju C Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
69 Suseela PR Ms. Personal Assistant  
70 Uttam S Purthy Mr. Sr. Technician ‘A’  
71 Vipin Kumar Yadav Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
72 Tarun Kumar Pant Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SF’ Dy. Head, ITMP
73 Tinu Antony Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
74 Tirtha Pratim Das Mr. Sci./Engr. ‘SE’  
75 Uma K N Ms. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
76 Vijayan T K Mr. Sr. Project Attndt  
77 Vineeth C Dr. Sci./Engr. ‘SD’  
78 Veena Suresh Babu Ms. Senior Research Fellow  
79 Watson Mr. Sr. Assistant  
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