Microwave Remote Sensing Section

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Research Area: Microwave remote sensing of Earth & Planetary bodies.


  • Conceptualization and development of ChaSTE payload for the Lander experiment of Chandrayaan-2 mission with a primary objective of measuring the temperature in the top 100 mm of the lunar regolith layer
  • Megha-Tropiques SAPHIR Level1 Tb analyses is the development of a novel methodology to delineate deep convective cloud core with different altitude extents and an algorithm to obtain Upper Tropospheric Humidity in the three altitude levels under clear sky condition.
  • Microwave radiometer observations to characterize diurnal evolution of tropical atmospheric boundary layer height and to identify convection using microwave dual channel observation.
  • Land surface microwave emissivity characterization using satellite radiometer observations
  • Venus surface study by measuring thermal emission at microwave frequencies using GMRT radio telescope and microwave Radiative Transfer (RT) modelling
  • Ka-band propagation studies


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