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एनएम सदस्यगण

Dr. Radhika Ramachandran (Director, SPL and Head, NAM)
radhika_ramachandran[at] vssc[dot]gov[dot]in
Ph: 3663
Dr. D. Bala Subrahamanyam
db_subrahamanyam[at] vssc[dot]gov[dot]in
Ph: 2155
Dr. S. Sijikumar
s_sijikumar[at] vssc[dot]gov[dot]in
Ph: 2553/3840
Dr. (Mrs.) K. N. Uma
Ph: 2157
Ms. Nalini K.
k_nalini[at] vssc[dot]gov[dot]in
Ph: 3840
Mr. Freddy P. Paul
freddy_paul[at] vssc[dot]gov[dot]in
Ph: 3840
Ms. Roshny S.
Ph: 2109
Ms. Anjumol Raju
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