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The Boundary Layer Physics and Atmospheric Modelling (BLPAM) Branch focuses on (i) theoretical and experimental studies of the structure and properties of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL), and (ii) high-resolution mesoscale and global atmospheric modelling. Main objective of the former is to improve the understanding and parameterisation of the ABL processes including energy and momentum exchanges between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere, diurnal evolution of ABL and its role in pollutant dispersal, atmospheric turbulence, surface roughness, and hydrological processes, while those of the latter are:

(a) understanding the mesoscale processes using high-resolution regional models, improve the ABL parameterisation and data assimilation, and

(b) carrying out sensitivity studies to assess the impact of various climate parameters and anthropogenic activities using global/ regional climate models.

The NOBLE (Network of Observatories for Boundary Layer Experiments) project of ISRO-GBP is aimed at characterising the ABL at a national canvas covering distinct climate and geographical zones. In addition, inter-disciplinary research is being carried out in collaboration with other branches in SPL, especially by providing numerical simulations for improving the physical understanding of geophysical processes.

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