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A. Ongoing Projects

(1) GPS Aided Radiosonde Network Experiments for Tropospheric-Stratospheric Studies (GARNETS)

Campaign mode of balloon borne experiments from different locations over the Indian Region for understanding the dehydration/thermodynamics in the troposphere and stratosphere

(2) MONsoon Tracking Experiment (MONTREX)

Study of various atmospheric dynamics governing the planetary atmosphere

(3) Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Motion (DynTCM)

Study of role of tropical cyclone in the middle atmospheric dynamics

 B. Project Completed

1. ISRO’s Program on Middle Atmospheric Dynamics-MIDAS (MIDAS)

2. Participation in  the Program “Study of Atmospheric Forcing and Responses (SAFAR) by NARL, Gadanki

3. Climate and Weather of Sun & Earth System (CAWSES-India Phase -I & II)

                              a) Tropical Tropopause Dynamics Experiment (TTD)

                              (b) Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange during Cyclone (S-TEC)

4. Megha-Tropiques Data Utilization Projects

An integrated approach to  explore Tropical mesoscale Convective systems

5. Research on OrganizatioN of Atmospheric Convection (RONAC)

       To study the organization of convection over Indian region


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