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  1. Observations of the spatio-temporal characteristics of Atmospheric trace gases O3, NOx, CO, SO2, CH4, CO2 and aerosols over Indian landmass and adjoining oceans in terms of their physical, chemical and radiative characteristics
  2. Investigations on the role of mesoscale and synoptic scale meteorology on trace gases and aerosols
  3. Delineation of in-situ production & role of transport
  4. Characterisation of polar aerosols and trace gases
  5. Studies on trace gases and aerosol composition at high altitude stations
  6. Chemical Characterisation of aerosols and source identification
  7. Utilization of satellite data for the evolution of the 3-dimentional distribution of trace gases over Indian region and understanding their global trends
  8. Quantitative assessment of the role of aerosols and trace gases in regional radiative forcing/climate
  9. Environmental and health Impact assessment
  10. Studies on Land surface-lower atmosphere coupling processes and energetic
  11. Photochemical/Transport Modelling








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